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Swing Arm Bumper

Swing Arm Bumper

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Designed for Adventure. Built to Last.

Introducing our Ram Promaster bumper, featuring swing-out arms that provide unparalleled functionality. Designed to effortlessly accommodate a spare tire and a storage box, this bumper surpasses its competition in numerous ways. 

One key advantage lies in its superior weight-bearing capacity and innovative weight distribution mechanism. Unlike its counterparts, which rely on brackets attached to door hinges or drilled directly into the door, our bumper ensures the weight is expertly placed on the frame. This not only eliminates the risk of door warping and rusting but also provides the utmost safety and reliability, capable of securely supporting substantial loads far exceeding the limitations of other designs.

Installation of our bumper is a breeze, whether you choose to enlist the help of a friend or rely on your trusted local shop. Included with the bumper is a convenient mounting bracket designed specifically for your spare tire, ensuring a seamless integration. Furthermore, our comprehensive framework allows for the effortless addition of a separate storage box or tray (sold separately), providing even greater storage capacity and organizational options.

The swing arms of our bumper open wide, granting you unhindered access to your backdoors. Worried about compatibility with your safety features? Fear not, as our design seamlessly integrates with your backup cameras and sensors, maintaining the full functionality of your vehicle's safety features.

Moreover, we understand the importance of maintaining the aesthetic integrity of your Ram Promaster. That's why our bumper is meticulously crafted to complement the manufacturer's design, boasting a similar profile to the original bumper. With our product, you can enhance your vehicle's functionality without sacrificing its visual appeal.

Upgrade your Ram Promaster with our professional-grade bumper, built to carry heavier loads, protect against damage, and provide the utmost convenience. Experience the difference of a superior design and installation process.

  • * Full replacement bumper

    * Simple installation with a friend or less than an hour at your local shop (link to installation)

    * Bolts on to the frame and puts no weight on the body panels

    *Design of bumper allows for use of OEM receiver hitch

  • * Allows full use of rear doors

    * Configuration can be customized to your needs

    * Maintains ground clearance and departure

    * Recovery tow points

  • * Vehicle Fitment: Promaster 2014-2023

    * May need to slightly trim exhaust on certain models

    * Boxes and trays are not included in standard base unit price

    * Compatible with Owl and Backwoods Boxes


We cannot guarantee our product is compatible with your vehicle. All Aareys products are designed to fit factory manufactured vehicles. Some aftermarket vehicle conversions are incompatible with Aareys products. Please contact customer service for any product compatibility questions. Drive with care until you have verified that the bumper functions correctly. Made for off-road use only.

Orders will ship in 2 weeks.